With Veal Global in your corner, you can be sure of a smooth and efficient business set up in the UK. With Peter Veal holding the fort in Johannesburg South Africa, and Richard Veal taking care of your interests in the UK, Veal Global is able to offer you efficient and on the ground service that is relevant and personalised to your requirements.

Our South African team will work with you step by step through the whole process – from inception through to your first sale and beyond, while our UK team will register your company with the UK authorities and open a local UK Banking account with internet banking facilities and debit card.

Depending on which services you have tasked the Veal Global team with, besides the standard services of setting up your registered UK address, signage, and telephone numbers with personalised reception services, as well as registering a UK domain in your company’s name and setting up your website, the following are day to day tasks which Veal Global can do for you and your business set up in the UK:

Veal Global will assist your business after setting up and ensuring all of the administration is in order, by managing your sales team who would have been employed with the ever important task of sourcing new business for your company in the UK.

Naturally we will be in contact, and you are welcome to contact us at any time should you require updates etc. So once the sales team is on the road or on the phones we will get to business managing your company returns, financial statements, recruiting additional staff if required and managing existing staff in the UK.

Should the need arise we are also able to provide you with Legal and Solicitation services, including specialist IP work.

Why you should make use of our services when undertaking your business set up in the UK:

  • No expense and time consuming Airfares going back and forth
  • No lease agreements
  • No phone line contracts
  • No staffing commitments

At the end of the day, if your business is succeeding in the UK that means that our business is succeeding in the UK as well. We strive to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for you to discover and test the waters in the stable UK economy.