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Do Scare Tactics Work?

In my opinion the news is the best entertainment on TV right now, especially Sky and CNN. The game of ‘insulting ping-pong’ is in full swing – and not just here at home or in the USA. It seems to be the ‘in-fashion’ political pastime throughout the UK and Europe as...

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Pete’s Pen July ’16

Brexit and South African Business I think Economists should be renamed Pessimists. They are great theorists, that is unquestionable, but they don’t seem to know or understand how business works. Just like the weatherman, they get things wrong time and time again, but...

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The world’s a stage, and comedy hour has begun…

The world’s a stage, and comedy hour has begun. Here in South Africa we are laughing at the lies, deceptions and spin from all our politicians in the run up to local elections.  The SABC’s protection of the ANC by not broadcasting footage of people destroying public...

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Pete’s Pen May ’16

“It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key” These were the words of Winston Churchill in 1939 when referring to the actions of Russia at the beginning of the Second World War. But those words are equally appropriate in...

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Pete’s Pen Mar ’16

Just like many South Africans, the poor governance in this country, the lack of economic growth and the violent protests by the impoverished, has made me very concerned about our future. We see our turnovers dropping, we see competitors entering our market and eating...

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Pete’s Pen Feb ’16 W4

We’re in trouble, there’s no doubt about it. While Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech was most welcome, behind the scenes there’s an unexploded bomb. You will probably have heard that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan threatened to resign over a clash with SARS commissioner...

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Pete’s Pen Feb ’16 W1

“In 1994 we were standing on the edge of a precipice; since then we have taken a major step forward”. I first heard that one-liner about 10 years ago but it came to mind again during December when we saw the Rand plummet following Zuma’s ridiculous decision to fire...

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Pete’s Pen January 2016 W3

If you’re a regular reader of my posts, you will know that this is the follow-up of my first post of this year where I boasted about my resolution theory. As I'm now tapping on my keyboard, it is proof that I have managed to keep to my resolution so far. How are you...

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