Our goal is to help you set-up a branch of your SA business in the U.K.
Making it easy. Cost-effective. Minimising risk. No long-term commitments.

Guided by our founding moto “Bonus Exitus Integritus” or rather “Great results through integrity”, we are proud to work hand-in-hand with the U.K. Trade and Investment (UKTI) teams both in South Africa and the United Kingdom as well as the South African DTI teams to assist small SA business people to set up their new ventures in the UK

We use our skills on the ground to help identify and leverage all possible opportunities for your business to grow and assist you to explore the many advantages on offer in the UK.

“To keep costs to a minimum, having assisted to establish each new company, we offer to ‘staff’ your business and assist it to grow for a small retainer and commission on sales. This enables the small businessmen to ‘test’ their products in the UK market at very little expense. With no long-term commitments” – Peter Veal MD.

We make it easy for you!

As the business grows, the small business can employ its own staff and migrate from Veal Global if it chooses to do so.

In essence, Veal Global acts as an ’incubator’ for small businesses and can assist in everything from registration to business development, sales, staff recruitment and even book keeping.

Your new business adventure in the U.K. is only a click away. Give a call. Drop us a mail.

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