The first decision to be made is whether or not to expand your business in the UK, or let it develop further in SA, while you remain contented with earning profits in a dwindling currency. We’re sure you’ll agree that the prospects of earning Pound Sterling for your efforts, far outweighs the former prospect.

The next decision however, is whether or not to make use of a company who will basically guide, advise and set you up, or whether you want to embark on the enormous undertaking of flying backwards and forwards between the two countries while you set up your business in the UK yourself. So let’s see what it actually takes to set up an SA business in the UK.

  1. Registration and Bank Accounts

Besides getting to grips with the UK market and possibilities of success in the UK, you will then need to register your business with the relevant authorities. The next step would be to set up a UK bank account in your companies name with internet banking facilities.

  1. Where will you trade from?

After registration, you’ll need to set up shop! You’ll need somewhere for your clients to visit, an address for correspondence and telephone numbers for them to call. You will need some sort of premises or physical representation of your business in the UK.

  1. Will you use your address for a website?

It is highly beneficial for the sake of being lucrative to either have a .com domain or a domain which is hosted in the country you are trading in. This is something that will also need to be set up.

  1. What about the logistics and business management side of it?

If you’re still in SA, you’ll probably need to fly backwards and forwards as you set up the sales and marketing efforts and responsible teams. If you’re in the line of business that requires warehousing and storage, there’s that as well. And what about staff management, recruitment, legal and solicitation services too?

You want to expand your business in the UK because you understand the future benefits of doing so, but feel the effort required would drain the energy out of the other aspects of your life and existing business. So what if there was a solution to this? We think there is, and the answer is available when you contact Veal Global for further details!