There are of course vast differences to all aspects of society, culture and heritage between South Africa and the UK. You’ve settled your business successfully in South Africa and have achieved your business goals despite all the difficulties you’ve faced due to legislation, a weakening economy and various other political legislation that has tried to hinder your success. In a sense, you’ve beaten all the odds.

Earning Power

We all know that the Rand has been riding a slippery slope for a while now, which is a great reason to start thinking about investing and building assets in an economy which has shown and is still demonstrating tremendous strength, when compared to the rest of the world’s currencies. The British pound is the 4th most traded currency worldwide and has been worth more than all of the world currencies during its expansive life time. If you’re looking for stability, growth and strength in your earning power, look no further than the UK!

Tax laws

The UK has dedicated itself to making it easy for businesses to begin trading and to open its doors with added benefits of doing so. A few quick facts for you to consider about the UK:

  • UK corporation tax is 20% – the lowest in the G7 and G20
  • The UK is the sixth biggest exporter in the world
  • Tax relief is given to those investing in research and development
  • South Africa’s corporate tax 28% unless certain criteria is met

UK Business Opportunities

The UK is working on a long term economic plan which aims to back businesses, create jobs, reduce deficits, boost infrastructure and welcome foreign investment into the country as they realise the benefit to their economy. This opens up doors for anyone who is willing to take the leap and delve into the many UK business opportunities.

It may be a matter of opinion, however it is no secret that Zuma has developed business relationships and ties with some of the world’s shadier world powers. The current government has also clearly made some bad decisions with regards to foreign business investment, as well as job creation and methods to enhance our local economy.

Imagine you had the opportunity to expand your current successful business in an economy that has been labelled as one of the easiest countries in the world to do business and earn one of the most powerful currencies in the world as well? Give Veal Global a call and find out how we can get your business started in the UK!