Our goal is to help you set-up a branch of your SA business in the U.K. and to make it easy and cost-effective, while minimising risk with no long-term commitments. Veal Global will get your SA business completely set up in the UK with a business address, phone line, website and shared office space. It doesn’t stop there though.

We have members in the UK and in South Africa who will work closely with you to make sure your business takes off successfully with minimal risk.

Minimum risk

Naturally, Veal Global charges a fee for its services which are extensive and will take care of your complete business set up.

Veal Global Director of UK operations, Richard Veal who has years of experience with business strategy, will be your point of contact in the UK, while Managing Director Peter Veal who has extensive experience in strategic management, technical development and underwriting management, all at board level, will be your SA point of contact.

When you open your UK branch of your SA business with the guidance of Veal Global, you will enjoy:

  • Not having to travel back and forth between the UK and SA
  • No lease agreements
  • No phone line contracts
  • No staffing commitments
  • Just a simple, easy, step-by-step approach to get you launched and on your way to new expansion opportunities.

Your Business incubator

In essence, Veal Global acts as an ‘incubator’ for small businesses and can assist in everything from registration to business development, sales, staff recruitment and even book keeping.

So while you are in South Africa, you can be sure that your UK branch is developing and growing successfully, until you are ready to either take over completely or branch out further across the UK and Europe.

Besides providing you with a bank account in your name, a registered UK address, websites, phone lines and business signage at your premises, we can also provide you with additional services as required:

  • Product Marketing and Sales
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Website design and development – over and above what we provide as standard
  • Company returns
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Accounting & Book keeping
  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff management
  • Legal and Solicitation services, including specialist IP work

Benefits of your SA business being in the UK

‘’…a recent survey of international business leaders found investor confidence in the UK is the strongest in Europe, while the World Bank has said it is easier to do business here than any other major economy in the continent.’ David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK.

A stark contrast to what is happening in South Africa, the UK foreign trade and investment legislation, makes it easy for foreign investors to do business in the UK. You will also reap the rewards of earning profits in pounds which translates into a fantastic income, given the strength of the Pound vs the Rand.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduce your corporation tax by 30%
  • Access the massive buying base of the UK and Europe
  • Grow assets in a stable and powerful economy
  • Take a major step towards UK citizenship for you and your family.

An important question to ask is, how much does your company spend on marketing, sales and other efforts geared at expanding your business in South Africa, and how would this compare to spending GBP495 per month with the opportunity to generate profits in pounds?

For this minimal fee, Veal Global essentially makes sure everything is done for you. Take a look at our FAQ page to find out more about what you can expect, and then give us a call with any questions you may have about getting your company set up in the UK!