As a passionate South African with a string of fantastic business ideas, you understand that our economy is a little rocky, and that it may be a great idea to look abroad for business opportunities.

Setting up shop in the UK

You may be wondering how it’s possible to be operating a business in the UK, while you are still on South African soil operating your South African branch. Well, essentially it makes a lot of sense when you have a company who will look out for your best interests, and ensure that everything is set up properly, and that you have a business address, phone number, and even a marketing team to promote your products.

These are a few of the things you will need to do to get set up, and which Veal Global will assist you with:

  • Register your business with the UK authorities
  • Within a week you will receive your certificate of incorporation and headed article of association
  • Open a bank account for you in the UK with Natwest Bank
  • You will then need to deposit a certain amount of funds
  • Begin trading

Veal Global will not have access to your accounts as they will be driven by you. All you will need to do is set up an internet banking password and all transactions can then be done by you electronically.

Your office in the UK will be situated in the beautiful and commercially viable city of Exeter, and may be visited by your clients at any time. Your personal phone line will also be answered in your company name during normal business hours.

It is of course also important to have a UK website for your business, and Veal Global can set this up for you, as well as manage your sales staff, market your products and undertake any bookkeeping and accounting you may require, for an additional fee.

SA Business & Citizenship

The UK invests in people who invest and contribute to the economy by offering Tier 1 visas to those who have built assets to the value of £50,000. This Visa entitles you and your whole family the opportunity to relocate to England. As your business address will be in Exeter, you may want to relocate to this fascinating part of Devon, so take a look at this link to see why it would be such a fantastic place for your business and your family:

The UK offers a strong currency, with a growing economy, and with Veal Global it is now possible to expand or run your business overseas. If re-locating is part of your plan, owning a business which operates in the UK can set you on the right path to citizenship for you and your family.