If you have a successful business in the UK which is ready to expand further, why not spread its wings and set up a UK branch. The benefits are unlimited, some of which include the obvious like earning Pounds, tax benefits, creating assets in a strong economy and giving you and your family a step towards British citizenship. However, in a nut shell, how will it all work? Keep reading for all the details and learn how to expand your SA business in the UK.

How the process works

Once you have decided to get your company up and running in the UK, your first step is to make contact with us to discuss your type of business and other administrative details. Thereafter, we will register your company with the relevant UK authorities and open a bank account in your company name, which naturally, we will not have access to. Your premises will be in Exeter and will be a in a communal working office providing your UK branch with a registered domicile for your company, as well as a reception and telephone answering service with your own specific telephone number. Depending on your turnover and type of anticipated costs you anticipate, we can also register your company as a VAT vendor.

We will raise an invoice to your newly formed company in the UK whereon payment will be expected monthly in advance on presentation of the invoice on the 1st of each month.

We can market and sell your products too

Once you’re set up and ready to get going, we certainly won’t just leave you hanging. We will partner with you, and provide you with our decades of business strategy experience and will assist you with the following additional services for an additional charge:

  • Register a UK domain name in your company’s name (name availability dependent) and set up a UK based website with Home, Services and Contact pages
  • Product Marketing and Sales
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Website design and development – over and above what we provide as standard
  • Company returns
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Accounting & Book keeping
  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff management
  • Legal and Solicitation services, including specialist IP work

Your business income will be paid by your clients directly into your own business account, which as already mentioned, we will NOT have access to. So whether you reside in South Africa or relocate to the UK, you will earn your funds in Pound sterling, which as you can imagine will benefit your personal income tremendously if you are still in South Africa.

Should you want to expand your SA business in the UK and would like to discuss your requirements further, do not hesitate to contact Peter Veal in Johannesburg, or Richard Veal in the UK. Check out our FAQ page for more details of what you can expect when you partner with Veal Global.