As you make the big decision to expand your existing and successful South African business into the UK market and get ready to enjoy the number of benefits of doing so, we thought it might give you that extra piece of mind to know exactly who you will be working with both in the UK and in South Africa. Veal Global is a dedicated company with a small yet effective team of knowledgeable and experienced stakeholders, which means you will deal directly with the experts in the field.

Richard Veal is the Director of UK Operations and is based in Exeter in Devon, Peter Veal is the Managing Director based in Johannesburg South Africa. Both members have extensive knowledge and experience of the UK and South African Business markets.

Peter Veal – Managing Director Veal Global Limited


Peter began his career in 1966 as a junior in a large London based international financial services organisation and was transferred to South Africa in 1970. During the next 20 years, his career was broad based, including strategic management, technical development and underwriting management, all at board level.

Peter has set up captive insurance companies both on and off shore, and has also established a number of underwriting management companies on behalf of shareholders and has consulted at top level to various financial institutions.

He was a founder member of the Society of Fellows in South Africa and in 1992 published a Society of Fellows study document, entitled “Insurance for the emerging market in a new South Africa” This was used extensively by the industry at the time, and is still used as a reference today. He is well known for some of his controversial views which have been published in a number of magazines and newsletters.

Peter is today still acting as consultant compliance officer to a number of the larger financial institutions in South Africa, and also acts as correspondent and South African representative to Veal Global Limited.

Richard Veal – Director of UK Operations Veal Global Limited

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Richard was born and schooled in South Africa and after full time studies at Varsity College Business School, has been involved in business management ever since, first in South Africa and now in England.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in helping organisations solve challenges, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. He uses his business skills to provide objective advice and expertise to help an organization develop the specialist skills that may be required.

He is primarily concerned with strategy, structure, management and operations of the organization and is particularly adept at identifying opportunities and suggesting recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions.

Moreover, his knowledge and skill extends to the overseeing of the activities of the workforce, the hiring, training and evaluation of new employees and he is particularly adept at ensuring that companies are on track to meet their financial goals.

With the Veal Global team in your corner, you can be sure of an effective, low risk solution to expanding your business into the UK market. Once you’ve established your company in the UK, the possibilities are endless.