When you partner with Veal Global with the mission of doing business in the UK market, you can be sure that the opportunity for success will be knocking on your door. Your UK office will be based in Exeter, Devon, at a newly constructed business centre.

Your Business Centre

Your South African business will have the following when you partner with Veal Global:

  • An official UK registered address
  • Company signage at your address
  • A communal shared office working space
  • A unique telephone number for your company
  • And an answer/ reception service in your company’s name

Exeter City – Lifestyle

If you’ve been following the Rugby World Cup, you would have watched a number of games being played at Exeter’s very own Sandy Stadium. With regular sports matches at Exeter stadiums, and a love for soccer, rugby, cricket and more, the local people have a definite passion for sport. The city is situated on a picturesque river and you will often see people paddling up and down the waterways for exercise as well as for leisure. The beach is not far from Exeter either, and surprisingly, is nothing like your typical pebbly English beach. The surrounding country side provides a number of hiking trails along the coast and inland as well. Exeter University is also one of the top institutions in the UK.

Why doing business in the UK can be a profitable endeavour

The UK is well known as one of the easiest countries to set up a business in the whole of Europe and the sixth best country to do business in the world. The authorities have made it easier and quicker for budding entrepreneurs to get started, and the UK has been classified as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. This means that the UK is a fair place to do business, where your efforts are rewarded and even encouraged.

There are a number of upgrades and initiatives with regards to business development in Exeter, as a major drive has begun to establish the city of Exeter as a major business player in the UK commercial market. It’s a fantastic place to live and raise a family and the lifestyle of the Exeter people focusses a lot on the outdoors. Life is a balance between successful business and attractive lifestyles. Give Richard, who is Veal Global’s Director of UK operations a call, and he will gladly answer any questions you may have.