PP_oct2015This month, it was the Springboks that took our minds off the economic conditions. For days after their game with Japan, the only headline news related to how we had been embarrassed by the Boks. And you don’t want to know how many insulting jokes I received on Whatsap about our coach, although I have to confess that I found many quite amusing.

I think that’s what we do best here in SA – we laugh at ourselves and laughter really does take the pain away, albeit temporarily. But our Bokkies sprang back and the sports bars all over SA were full of shouting and excited fans after, and indeed during, our fight with Samoa.

Just like the Boks, our economy will also spring back, of that there can be no doubt. But it will be thanks to the small businessman and entrepreneur, not our government when this happens. We will succeed despite them, because that’s what we do. We make a plan.

The South African entrepreneur and businessman is well known for this. Indeed just last week France’s ambassador to South Africa Elisabeth Barbier said her country was launching her “Invest in France” campaign in South Africa. Now why would she want to approach South Africans do you think? I think it’s because we breed some of the finest entrepreneurs in the world. And why is this? Because we are resilient (we have to be), we’re prepared to take risks and are willing to make mistakes and learn. We’re brave and bold, and are passionate and confident about what we can offer.

But we do need to access new markets.

During his keynote address at SACCI’s yearly convention, SACCI’s President Vusi Khmalo summed it up perfectly. He said that South Africa’s current account deficit, balance of trade deficit, increasingly complex and simultaneously increasingly ambiguous regulatory environment and falling domestic investment, is placing the economy under significant strain. He went on to say that South Africa needs new ideas and action solely based on economic reality to create the growth that is so badly needed. What he was really referring to was the fact that we have to export. With the Rand so weak, how can we fail?

It is clear that our small business entrepreneurs that manufacture products here in SA really have to adopt a positive plan and strategy to find new markets, particularly those in countries where currencies are strong and our products are relatively inexpensive.

That’s where Veal Global can help. If you’re ready to access the UK market, we’re ready to take away all the pain that this involves. You’ll also be surprised at the low cost involved and the list of added benefits.

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Peter Veal